Business Planning and Registration Services

SCW can assist you to make your dream into a viable Business Plan . This allows you to seek funding or simply use the plan to help you crystalise your plans. We offer a long Complex Plan with more detail and 5 year projections and a simpler 3 year plan. Samples are Below:  complex business […]

Women Know how to multiply Wealth

Women are beautifully, uniquely , specially made with the ability to manage finances. This podcast is a tribute to the Women of the World. Gerald discusses important financial pillars for women. A must listen for EVERY WOMAN PODCAST

Why I should be your Wealth Advisor

Tired of the preponderance of Money “experts”, Gerald reminds us why we need Financial Experts. It looks so easy, spend, save, invest, repeat… why on earth do I need a professional? Gerald takes a candid look at why without an expert you are potentially DOOMED! PODCAST

Spouse Death with Debt

When someone dies, their debts become a liability on their estate. The executor of the estate, or the administrator if no will has been left, is responsible for paying any outstanding debts from the estate. In this interview, Aldrin speaks to certified financial planner Gerald Mwandiambira to explore the complexities of dealing with the debt […]

Weath Consultation Meeting pack

Please study these documents and complete before our first meeting finplanprocess Speaker profile-2020fin planprocess Goal Getter Questionairre

Year End Review and 2021 Outlook

2020 was a challenging year. But was it all doom and gloom ? Are there positives that we can carry into 2021? What mindset do we need to be in that inter-generational wealth mode? A look as some of the important podcasts I did in 2020, The Equalizer, The ABCD of Business, Alternative Investments, Emigration, […]

Gerald Caller Advice Radio 2000

Caller advice on Radio 2000. Two callers seek guidance on Education Planning as well as hiding money from a spouse. Gerald, Bongani and Nonala.—Financial-Infidelity-em9617

Money from Cradle to the Grave

A candid chat about money and experiences on SIDEBAR WITH DR.SINDI on Kaya FM. Entertaining chat covering all aspects of Money between Gerald and Sindi. Well worth a listen.


The second issue of DIVITIAE (WEALTH) Newsletter from Gerald Mwandiambira and Sugar Creek Wealth. Black Friday is discussed together with Emigration opportunities as a result of a deteriorating South African Economy. Would You Emigrate? Finally, a few conversation ideas for you and your family this December!–Newsletter-Issue-2-Podcast-emse76  

African Wealth: Podcast

This Money Talk explores African Money, it explores the origins of Money and challenges us to reestablish these money and wealth systems. Does your family have the courage to create Wealth for a common goal or will individual greed and ego win? COMMONWEALTH….. The TRUTH ABOUT MONEY AND WEALTH! Let this episode go viral by […]