Asset allocations in a post-downgrade world

Before we chat about the current asset allocation environment, let’s quickly roughly describe the term for those of us who may be unsure of what this means. Asset allocations broadly refer to the actual investment options – ie. when you invest money, it needs to go somewhere, and some of these options are called asset […]

Different money personalities

Dealing with money matters can feel like negotiating a minefield for many couples, which is highlighted in this article by Maya on Money. Money has been cited to be the biggest reason for divorce, and differing attitudes towards money in any relationship can cause friction. So let’s take a look at some basic ‘money personalities’ […]

Should we trust in trusts?

We live in uncertain times, so it is natural for many parents to want their children to have financial security, without money worries on top of everything else. Many parents also wish to build their wealth to such an extent that it will be passed down for generations to come, and a recent article published […]

5 key financial terms explained

Do you nod along blankly when someone talks about unit trusts, or do your eyes glaze when you hear the word ‘annuity’? Do you wish investment terms weren’t so complicated or full of abbreviations? It’s easy to get confounded by the use of financial jargon if you haven’t been trained in the financial services industry […]

Don’t cancel your life cover

Many South Africans are currently feeling the financial pinch and, as belts tighten, it’s natural for households to review where they can cut back on expenses. It may be tempting during such times to send life cover payments to the bottom of the priority list, but this could have dire financial consequences for your loved […]

Inflation Illusion

Old Mutual Balanced Fund manager, Graham Tucker, explains in an article published on Fin24 how many investors suffer from something he calls ‘inflation illusion’. This essentially means that many people aren’t completely aware about the effects of inflation or how much it will impact their savings over time. For example, the average inflation rate of […]

5 Top Tips to Staying Rich

There is no formula for instant wealth – but for some, it can become a reality overnight and, if not managed correctly, this dream can easily turn into a nightmare. If you happen to inherit an astronomical sum, receive a massive bonus, or fortuitously sell a property for a lot more than you paid for […]

5 things to do before going away

The school holidays are coming and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many things to remember to do before you go away. But here are five quick and easy pointers that will make your holiday as carefree as possible – and even save you money in the long run – so that you can […]

Financial Flu

It’s that time of year again in the southern hemisphere. The days are shorter, the nights are long and cold; dressing gowns and woolly jumpers have replaced sunblock and shorts. Another thing that is common in winter is the flu, so this article published on MoneyWeb seemed particularly apt for the season. According to the […]

5 Father’s Day gifts that are a great investment

Whatever you do, don’t forget Father’s Day, which is coming up in South Africa on Sunday, 18th June. After all that our dads have done for us, the least we can do is show them how much we care. And if your father is like many other fathers – in that he loves to save […]