My Money (2017 Edition)

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A financial planning guide for ordinary people.

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The 2017 Edition includes updated content, new chapters and other features.

This book is essential reading in order to gain a basic understanding of money mechanics. With a chapter dedicated to almost every financial situation we face in our lives, this book will become a useful reference and guide when making financial decisions.

Using Bible quotes throughout, the author finds inspiration from the Bible on money management and life situations. The author aims to empower all readers with knowledge that will allow them to start walking a positive journey with money by “unlocking” advice often shared by consulting professionals at great cost.

A focus on group savings celebrates the “Stokvel Economy” and traditions of group saving in South Africa. Readers are introduced to group saving and the power of a financial collective versus an individual. The Stokvel economy is estimated to be over R40 Billion Rand in South Africa and continues to grow in influence and importance.

The author uses plain, simple English in order to appeal to readers of all academic abilities.

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