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Money Introduced


“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) (Bible, 2009)

The verse above is perhaps the most quoted Bible verse related to money. This verse has resulted in many people believing that money is somehow evil, or that it is fine to have none and live in near poverty to avoid its “evil”. The context is however clear if you read the verse deeper, the verse is actually about the love of money, and referred to early Christians who abandoned the faith to chase money and met many sorrows.

So money is not bad. In fact, money is a useful tool used for exchange of goods and services. If used wisely, money can make your life rich, and allow you to reach all your goals and dreams. On the other hand, if abused, money can make your life a living hell.

If you view money as a tool, you will soon understand that you need to be trained, and practice using this tool. Without adequate training, money can be difficult to handle, understand and even can be considered “dangerous”.

The fact is that not many people are trained in using money. It has been the preserve of the “few” who know how to master this tool and create great wealth, whilst the “many” have struggled and often handed money to the “money masters”. Indeed, whenever there is a buyer, there is a seller, a winner, a loser, one with knowledge, one without knowledge, an equal and opposite action to every decision we make. So if a money decision is not making us richer, it is most certainly probably making us poorer.

I grew up in a home with little money, the cash that flowed through our hands (cashflow) was low. We had plenty of people we owed money (debt) and little money in the bank or things we could call our own (assets). My parents were not trained in using this tool and life was a challenge. The result is that their habits were learnt by me. This is because children learn from their parents and proceed to often make the same mistakes.

I therefore know what it is like to ignore calls from people you owe, I know about ignoring the letters hoping that they will disappear, I know what it feels like not to “have a plan to deal with debt”, I know about borrowing from Tendai to pay Farai. I have also been in that place where there seems to be no hope, that place where you think its easier to live for today and let tomorrow worry about itself. That place where you believe that money is indeed an evil curse and meant for “them” and not “us”. That place where you go green with envy to those that seem to have it all. I reached rock bottom, and had to start again.

So as you read this book, remember that I have walked the paths I am writing about, and shared in the pain.

I am not yet rich, but I am now in control of this tool and believe that this book can help you manage your finances. My saving grace was studying to become a Certified Financial Planning professional and learning the money “secrets”. I hope that this book will help you unlock your financial potential and get control of your financial affairs.

I have also included my money testimony to give a realistic perspective to why I wote this book and to stop this book from being a boring text book instruction manual on money.

This book is called is “ Imali Yami, Chelete Yaka, My Geld,My Money”, for it is YOUR money and only YOU should be controlling it and where it goes.Money in any language is still yours. Money is your tool to use as you wish, a tool that can be controlled, and mastered, to provide lifestyle goals, secure your future and share with others.

This is not a “get rich quick book” but a guide to help you find your confidence, and see money as it really is. A tool that anyone can use. Some can use it  better than others, but you too have the potential to become a “money master”.

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